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Campaign Ground Rules

General Discription: Dungeon exploration at it’s finest! Characters travel the known world, exploring and looting dungeons. There is a meta-plot to pull things together, and this will be focused on, and advanced, as the players travel.

Importance of the PCs: Nominal, at first, but players can become major players in the meta-plot if they can gain the reputations, fame, and glory to do so.

Campaign Tone

Morality: Good vs. Bad is black & white; if the PCs choose to get involved with the meta-plot, they will champion the forces of Good.

Realism: Neutral; campaign will use some additional rules designed to add realism to the game, but due to the style of game, there will be a larger focus on “cinematic logic.”

Outlook: Successes balanced by failures; nothing is guaranteed, the players will succeed by their wits, skill, and steel alone.

Seriousness: Seriousness balanced by lighthearted; while there is no “silliness” aspect to the campaign, there storyline is not all doom and gloom.

Continuity: Entirely serial – everything must fit the storyline; while the PCs my not be involved directly in the meta-plot, it will be advancing as the PC’s explore.

Character Building Guidelines
Campaign Rules
Combat Uses Hit Location Chart Yes
Knockdown Rules Used
Long-Term Endurance Rules Used No
Limited Push
Starting Points for PCs 100
Max Points from one Disadvantage 25
Maximum Disadvantage Points for PCs 50
Characters automatically have Normal Characteristic Maxima at no point value Yes
Characters can carry normal technology at no point cost Yes
Power Levels Beginning Range Maximum
Attack Powers 0-45 active points 60 active points
Defense Powers 0-45 active points 60 active points
Skill Rolls 8- to 13- Skill Maxima rules
House Rules

House Rules

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