The Age of Myth

You enter the main room of the tavern to the sounds of a lute being tuned. The minstrel looks up, and beckons you forth, “Come! Sit! Warm up by the fire!” His fingers pluck out a small tune on the strings as you approach.

“Welcome to the Tavern of the Four Crowns. It’s a bit late in the night for our regulars, but that’s fine, order yourself something, for I have a such wonderful tale to tell this night . . .” The minstrel tightens one last string before playing out a 3-octive scale. "Much better, this weather tends to play havoc with my strings, even from inside . . . "

Without another word, his fingers begin to pluck the strings, as the notes swirl and dance about the room, they begin to form a strange tune. The minstrel pauses, letting the notes linger for the slightest moment, then he begins to sing:

“Within the Vale of Forgotten Kings,
Beyond the Warrior’s Gate,
Deep below the Spire of Woe,
The Treasure of the Four Crowns lies in wait—
But verily few hath seen this prize,
And none hath lived to tell,
For death beware all those who dare
To break the immortal Dark One’s spell—

The Lord of Shadows hath decreed
That none shall claim this prize,
Lest first the Sigil of the Four Crowns
Be gleaned by mortal eyes—
Beyond the blackest barrier,
Concealed behind his throne,
The sigil holds the cryptic key,
Etched in darkest stone—

The sovereigns of the ancient realms
Buried their secrets deep—
A lost legacy of immortality
Lies hidden within the caverns of Flame Tongue’s Keep—
But verily few hath seen this prize,
And none hath lived to tell,
For death awaits beyond ancient gates
And only the Blood of the Dragon can break the spell—"

As the words fade from the air, he glances toward you. “What? You mean you’ve never heard the tale of The Dragon’s Blood . . . ?” He waves to the barkeep, “Well, let’s have our mugs refilled, and I shall tell you all about it.”

The serving girl brings you freshly filled mugs, and takes the empty ones, waiting while the minstrel finishes his with a lip-smacking flourish. "I’ve been all around, but have never tasted such as they serve here! But, the tale, yes, the Blood of the Dragon . . . Well, where to begin? "

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The Age of Myth

The Age of Myth MandyRae